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CM1060H ACUMULATOR 6V - 1800 mAh

Producator: Energizer

Pret: 99,00RON



Acumulator bulk Energizer CM1060H-C Nickel Cadmium
Camcorder Battery Energizer
Camcorder batteries offer the long life and consistently reliable performance you need to get the most out of your camcorder, thanks to advanced engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing.
Quality - Energizer camcorder batteries meet or exceed original standards at a lower cost.
No Memory Effect - Batteries can be recharged to full power at any time - no need to fully drain batteries before charging.
Unsurpassed Warranty - A 3 year warranty on your Energizer battery
Compatibil cu: Canon, Sunpak.

Inlocuieste: AC/DELCO, ACD105, AC/DELCO, ACD305, AC/DELCO, ACD705, Ambico V-0831, Amcam 174, Aztec AZ 6010, Aztec AZ 6017, Aztec AZ 6020, Batteries R Us C-103-990, Batteries R Us C-104-290, Batteries R Us C-119-1288, Bescor BP-8MM, Canon BP-711, Canon BP-714, Canon BP-729, Canon BP-E718, Canon BP-E722, Canon BP-E722D, Canon BP-E729, Canon BP-E77, Canon BP-E772, Canon BP-E77K, Canon BP-712, Cresta CC102, Cresta CC103, Cresta CC104, Direct Power Plus DPV-6077T, Direct Power Plus DV-6077, Direct Power Plus DV-6077P, Direct Power Plus  DV-6088, Duracell DR-12, Duracell DR12AA, Empire EPP-118 GE AVC8M, Gemini CQ37, Gemini CQ47, GPI V-301, GPI V-302, Helios HS-C729 Hi-Capacity B-966 Jasco 8411 Lenmar CB722 Lenmar CB72L Lenmar CBE77 Lenmar NCP-729 Lenmar NCP729 Maxell M6011 Maxell M6020 Maxell M6020NH Optex NP-37 Optex NP37 Optex RBE-77MF Philips SBC 5221, Polaroid PR-612H, Polaroid PR610H, Power Line CAN-722-15 Power Line CAN-722-2, Power Line CAN-722-24, Power Line CAN-722-36, Power Line CAN-E77, Radio Shack 23-218, Rayovac RV-6077, RCA AVC8M Rosslare RSE77, Rosslare RSE77H, Rosslare RSE77K, Rosslare RSE77S Saft CH610, Saft CH612, Saft RC6010, Saft RC6011, Saft RC6011E, Saft RC6012, Satter 06EC77, Sima SB-1288, Sunpak CL-E722, Sunpak CL-E77KE, Sunpak RB-E722, Sunpak RB-E77K, Sunpak RB-E77MF, Sunpak SV-8, Sunpak SV-9, Telepower TP-E722, Telepower TP-E77, Ultrapower CAM-277, Ultrapower CAM-278, Ultrapower CAM-290, Ultrapower CAM-290-2.4, Ultrapower CAM-294, Uniphot SDV-86B, Varta V-215, Varta V-32, Varta V-77, Vivitar V-722 Zenith VAC902 This

Este compatibil cu: Canon A10, Canon A2 HI, Canon BP-712, Canon E06 Canon E07, Canon E08, Canon E09, Canon E210, Canon E230, Canon E250, Canon E30, Canon E350, Canon E40, Canon E440, Canon E460, Canon E50, Canon E51, Canon E57, Canon E60,Canon E61, Canon E63, Canon E640, Canon E65, Canon E660, Canon E67, Canon E70, Canon E700, Canon E77, Canon E80, Canon E808, Canon E90, Canon ES100, Canon ES1000, Canon ES10V, Canon ES170, Canon ES180,Canon ES200, Canon ES2000, Canon ES20V, Canon ES2500, Canon ES270, Canon ES280, Canon ES290 Canon ES3000 Canon ES500 Canon ES550 Canon ES600, Canon ES70, Canon ES750, Canon ES80, Canon ES800, Canon ES870, Canon ES90, Canon ES900, Canon ES970, Canon H440, Canon H460 ,Canon H640, Canon H660, Canon H680, Canon H800, Canon H850, Canon L1, Canon UC-1, Canon UC-10, Canon UC-2, Canon UC-20, Canon UCS1, Canon UCS2, Canon UCS3, Lenmar NCP729, Lenmar NCP729, Optex NP-37, Optex RBE-77MF, Sunpak SV-8, Sunpak SV-9 CM1060H-C,
Chemistry: NiCd mah: 2000 Volts: 6
Color: Black Runtime: 2
Warranty: 3 Year free replacement
Weight: 0.74 lbs.

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